A 1967 Newsletter

This newsletter is reproduced from its original typed version and replicates the content word-for-word and the appearance almost exactly as presented.


Bourkevale Community Club  Ferry Road and Assiniboine Ave.  NEWSLETTER February 28, 1967.
CENTENNIAL TEA & OPEN HOUSE  Saturday March 4th, 1967  2-5 p.m. & 7-9 p.m.

Since 1967 is Canada’s Centennial Year and everyone is looking back on Canada’s history — here are some “Past History” facts which might interest you about your Community Club.

1948-51  During this period people of the Community worked hard to form the nucleus of our present Community Club. Meetings were held in Roseberry Hall and Assiniboine School to discuss acquiring property. A delegation was sent to council and was granted permission to use the present site. A Tack Room had been transported by tractor from the Lord Strathcona Estate to be used as a skating shack.   

1952  Part of an H-Hut was purchased near the airport and was hauled down Ferry Rd., and placed on footings at the Club site. Volunteer workers put it in shape for the original clubhouse.                                 

1957  An extension complete with basement, our present canteen and washrooms was added at the South end.

1966   The Club was completely renovated inside and out. New slider windows provide better lighting and ventilation. The main clubroom looks quite distinctive with new plywood walls and dropped ceiling with fluorescent lights. The additional hallway and large entrance gives us a feeling of safety when dealing with large crowds. The original rink lamp posts which were hauled down from Point Douglas in 30 below weather by Jim Wilson & Bert Ellis were replaced by new floodlighting and newly built rinks. Between the 2 rinks is a new building which was put to good use this winter as a hockey team changing room.

1967  We are proud of the work which has been done over the years to make our Community Club what it is today. We are holding our Centennial Tea & Open House on March 4th, and welcome the opportunity to show everyone around.      

To open tea — Mayor A. W. Hanks
Convenors:      Mrs. Chris Tomes, Mrs. Velma Sutton, Mr. Keith Richards.

Tea Pourers:  - will be Aldermen, Present and former members of the executive and three merchants who stood ready to help us whenever we needed them. J. Bastable, M. Appell, and Joe Swartz

Servers:   will be representatives from the following:

2 – 3 p.m.       Senior Square Dance Club
3 – 4 p.m.       Hockey Teams
4 – 5 p.m.       Figure Skating Club
7 – 8 p.m.       Teen Club (12-15 yrs)
8 – 9 p.m.       Ladies Auxiliary

Senior citizens will be in attendance


       A great  deal of interest was shown in all phases of the Carnival program. The highlight of the day saw Joan Jackson crowned as Queen and attended by her two princesses, Nancy Middleton and Faye Jenkins.
       A large number of parents and children turned out for the display put on by 34 members of our fancy skating club. A lot of credit for the success of the display should go to Margo Moir and her assistant Joan Jackson. Margo worked against great odds – having to take over the instruction about 6 weeks prior to the carnival day due to the resignation of Mrs. Ida Boyd, then Tuesday evenings were so cold the girls couldn’t stay outside too long for their lessons. Therefore bouquets to Margo, Joan and the girls for a job well done.

       The one dead spot of the day was between 8 and 9 p.m.  Peanut hockey final was providing entertainment on the ice for some of the members but we also had a packed house indoors waiting for the draw and dance. We would appreciate any suggestions to fill in this hour for next year’s Carnival.

       Once again we would like to thank all of our members and their friends for such a tremendous support in making the draw so successful.
CONGRATULATIONS to WINNERS of the $100.00, $50.00, $25.00, respectively: J. G. Fraser, 810 Goulding St., River Oaks Service and B. Kosary, 3L Lanark Gardens.

       Following the presentation to the Queen, and the princesses, the 125 youngsters, teeners, and adults who stayed for the dance seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. (Who said the young fry won’t dance while parents are around?) The evening was rounded off when lunch was served by the Ladies Auxiliary, and everyone left for home around 11 p.m., tired but happy. A special thanks to all the members who made our day so successful.

KELLY Jackson reports: Peanut Hocket standings to date are:
Canadians in 1st place followed by Chicago and Detroit. The Maple Leafs are in the cellar with only one win in the season’s play.
       On Carnival Day the 4 Peanut teams competed competed for the “Carnival Day Trophy.” The first game was won by the Maple Leafs over Chicago 2-1. The second game, the Canadians downed Detroit 5-0, thus putting Canadians against Maple Leafs in the final at night. This hard fought close checking game was the upset of the day when the Maple Leafs walked away with the Trophy.

Peanut Hockey and Fancy skating will continue weather permitting.

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