Tea, 40 years later

November 1992

This was a speech given by Mrs. Dora Moir on the occasion of the 40th. Anniversary Tea of the official opening of Bourkevale's clubhouse in 1952. Submitted to Bourkevale in September, 2012 by Dora's daughter Margo Patton.


 Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys and Members of the Ladies Auxiliary.

 It is indeed a pleasure to be given this pleasant duty this afternoon.

 Art and I moved to Collegiate Street in January 1948 along with our baby daughter Margo - 10 months old and in June we were blessed with a baby boy - Bill. So we were very busy parents. We were from the country and didn’t know anyone. However, it didn’t take long. Lots of young people all had children in the Baby Boom Years.

 In 1949 there were complaints that the children were causing trouble on the Bourkevale Golf Course. There was just no place for the young people to play. So these dedicated men and women went to work. The first meeting was held at the home of Terry and Helen Dickson. The next meeting was held in the Roseberry Hall. Dick Carson was elected 1st. president - Marian Hammel, Secretary, and Terry Dickson as Treasurer. After a lot of hard work by the executive, the Parks Board turned over the Saddle Shack from the Strathcona Estates to the Club, along with some lumber from the old barn. The extra lumber was used to double the size of the first skating rink. We had many good times in that old shack and its pot bellied stove. Our 2 children learned to skate almost as soon as they could walk, mainly because Art worked nights all winter so our second home was Bourkevale C. C. No malls in those days!

 In the season of 1951-1952, Bob Pyne headed B.C.C.. He and his executive had worked long and hard hours and Bob did most of the groundwork for the new clubhouse. For his efforts, he was given a life membership - the only one given in this club.

 The new club was opened in December 1952 by Mayor Wightman and now we had a wonderful facility where our children could play hockey, play ball, take dancing lessons and figure skating. Brownies also began as well as Teen Age Dances. There was a very active Square Dance Club and Junior Square Dance Club as well.

 Of course we had a flourishing Ladies Auxiliary. We worked hard and had many good times. Under our guidance, there was a great tap and ballet class started in 1953 with Grace King as our teacher. We held recitals in Assiniboine School and made costumes at the club. If we didn't have a pattern, Gladys Scotten would make one.

 Figure skating classes began in 1957 under the direction of Joan McGinnis. In
1957 Vicky Decker looked after the Figure Skating and the money was used to put our skates on and keep order on the ice. The ice cost was $4.00 a season.

 The Ladies Auxiliary also took care of the canteen. I had that job for a few years and certainly got to know all the 7-Up and Coca Cola truck drivers. And that penny candy - we had to keep lots of that on hand, especially for that big kid, Rolly Pearson.
We also put on many banquets for the many hockey teams we had - 6 in one year. I think the Ladies Auxiliary also looked after the Peanut Teams. I know that Chris Tomes and I made an awful lot of hot chocolate. We also raised funds and bought uniforms for the teams.

 We catered for the Seniors Banquets and had such wonderful cooks. As Helen Morrow has told me at different times, it was at B. C. C. that she learned how to make those delicious fancy sandwiches. We had wonderful teas. Each year Velma Sutton dressed a doll with $1.00 bills and raised lots of money on it. She was the Treasurer of the main club for many years.

 During the years 1962-63, I was President. Let me tell you about some of our work and quote a few prices. We catered to a Lawn Bowling Banquet - a turkey dinner for 60 people @ $1.75 a dinner; Square Dance Smorgasbord @ $2.00 a plate, Job’s Daughters - 50 -55 people for a roast beef dinner @ $1.50 a plate. Plus that year we had 4 hockey banquets, a figure skating banquet and a Senior Citizens banquet. As you can see, the Ladies Auxiliary has always been a big help to the main club in turning over money each year and purchasing equipment for the kitchen etc.

 The list of members in 1962-63 were:
Chris Tomes  (Treasurer)    Edna Creek      Gladys Scotten
Edith Taylor        Anne Peterson      Lorna Jackson
Vivian Black        Kay Pearson      Ruth Lippens
Mary Johnston        Gladys Carson      Velma Sutton
Edith Cowie        Winnie Jackowichin    Madeline Grantham
Doreen McCrae      Kay Roziere      Ursie Robinson
Jean Nordal        Belle Sandell      Edna Hollier
Georgia Tooth        Marg Smith      Jackie Buchanan
Mrs. Wood        Shirley Smith

 I would be remiss if I did not say how much work my husband did in B.C.C. He worked on the ice in the early fifties with his pals Herb Hollier, Kelly Jackson, Mike Tokarchuk, Bob Black, Ernie Tooth and other helpers for many, many years. He was also sports chairman and coached Pony league baseball, winning a provincial championship. Our daughter Margo, taught figure skating under Vivian Black and later Margo and Joan Jackson took over the Figure Skating program. Our son Bill, played hockey at B.C.C. and was the 1st. player to win the Bob Pyne Trophy whom he knew quite well. He learned his hockey skills well at B.C.C., going on to play for the University of Manitoba, the Elmwood Millionaires and spent a year playing hockey in Holland. It was certainly a great place to raise our children and the ones I know and can think of have all done well in this life of trying times.

 It is almost impossible to name all the people who worked so hard to make this club a reality. The Carsons, the Dicksons, the Harvey Johnstons, the Biggars, the Skimmings and Mr. Pakolsh, Bert Johnson, the Pynes, the Ellis’ and Mr. Duke were all founding members. Also Mr. Thompson. Down through the years, the Bill Smiths. the Tomes, Dolly Williams, Velma Sutton, the Jacksons, the Holliers, the Sandells, the Ross Smiths’, the Crerars and many, many more.

 I hope in the years to come you will continue to prosper and continue on to greater heights. I wish to declare this 40th. Anniversary Tea open.

Dora Moir

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